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56 pcs giant tumble tower game

Reviewed by David • October 5, 2022

so much better than Jenga

This is basically the same as the Jenga game except in bigger wooden blocks but there's more!
Some of the wooden blocks are numbered from 1 through 10 and you can make your own rules on what should happen when someone pulls out a block that has a number. This makes it so much more fun and perfect for even college and adults while having adult beverages! For example, if someone removes #1 then he needs to go again to remove another and if #2 was removed then he needs to remove 2 more blocks, and if #3 was removed then he needs to do bottoms up, and if #4 was removed then he needs to kiss the next person, etc. You make up your own rule to make it more fun and interesting. It really adds a twist to the already fun game!

Each blocks are very smooth pine wood without splinter and comes with a storage/carrying bag and score/rule board. You can play this outside in the backyard or at the beach. Highly recommend this for hours of fun among kids and even adults! 5 out of 5 stars!

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