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4in1 iWatch Charger Braided Cable

Reviewed by David • March 8, 2022

one charging cable to rule them all...

If I need to go on a business trip or go somewhere over night, I now need to just bring this amazing 4in1 charging cable. You simply plug this into any USB port and it has USB-C, Lighting, micro-USB, and Apple Watch magnetic charger on the other side. I was so excited to buy this when I saw it because I always have to pack multiple charging cables and charger when I have to travel and I always manage to forget thing. I now just have to remember this pack this one charging cable, which has a strap with a buckle closure attached for easy cable management.

I love the nylon braided cable, which is much more durable yet flexible than traditional charging cable. I think all cables and cords should be made out of braided cable in my opinion. Once you use a braided cable, you will not want to switch it back to traditional cable that are easier to break over time and clunky. I tested charging 4 devices that uses each of the charging connector on this cable and they all worked without any problem. This is such a clever idea and design that is very functional and practical. It simply works. Highly recommend this without any reservation. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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