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4800mAh Mini Power Bank Cute Battery Pack for iPhone

Reviewed by David • October 23, 2022

compact portable charger with built-in Lightning connector

I got this for my daughter since her old iPhone seems to drain quickly by the time she's done with school and goes to the sports club. This was perfect for her since she doesn't have to carry the Lightning cable separately as the portable charger has a built-in Lightning connector ready to be plugged in. The charge aligns and sits below the iPhone when using to charge the phone. It has 4800mAh rechargeable battery, which is quiet impressive but I only wish there was a way to check the remaining battery level by pressing a button or something because although it has 4 LED lights for battery level indicators, they don't turn on unless you plug this to iPhone or plug USB-C cable to recharge this charger but this is not a deal breaker as the battery will be more than sufficient to charge my daughter's iPhone fully once.

She simply plugs this into USB-C cable at night to fully charge then packs it in her school backpack for next day. Works without any problem with any iPhone or iPad. Great solution for someone looking for compact charger for iPhone without having to worry about losing or forgetting the Lightning cable. 5 out of 5 stars!

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