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4 Rolls 18inch x 1500 Ft Stretch Wrap

Reviewed by David • January 17, 2022

great for moving and packing to protect valuables against bumps and scratches

I was helping my sister in-law with her move from 1 bedroom apartment to a small house so I bought this wrap her furniture like sofa and coffee table, as well as her electronics such as TV.
It came in 4 rolls where each roll is about 18" wide and I don't know for sure if each roll actually is 1,500ft long but it's more than 1 inch thick rolled up so I'm sure this is very long.

What's great about this wrap is that it's stretchy yet very durable and does not rip easily. It can pretty much wrap around anything and it provides protective layer against bumps or scratches against walls and sharp corners. I brought one left over roll back home and I used it to wrap an art canvas painting that I want to gift to my friend and it was a perfect use for this. Highly recommend this for anyone who's planning to move or need to store away something. Use this to protect your valuables when moving or storing away.

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