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4-Inch Cordless Mini Power Chain Saws

Reviewed by David • April 15, 2021

a great mini chainsaw bundle package

I have a gas chainsaw, which is very heavy and I use it for heavy duty cutting of big tree stumps and branches but I've been wanting to get a small and portable chainsaw that I can use to cut small branches.

I've been looking around and finally decided to get this one because:

✔️ It comes with a plastic storage case - many other mini chainsaws didn't include storage case, which means I would have to get a storage bag separately
✔️ Extra battery - it's great that it comes with 2 batteries so that I can use one while charging other
✔️ Extra chain and guide - this is great when the chain becomes dull or breaks off

I love this chainsaw because of the fact that I can hold it with just one hand and simply pull the trigger with my index finger to activate the chainsaw. It cuts really well and smooth.

I did find that the batteries move around inside the case rather than staying locked in its place and the 2 snap buckles for the case is a bit flimsy but then again, it's so much better than not having the case so this is not a deal breaker for me.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I do recommend this mini chainsaw to anyone who's looking for portable and lightweight chainsaw that pretty much comes with 2 sets of accessories as well as storage case.

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