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4 in 1 Watch Charger Cable

Reviewed by David • January 25, 2022

all in one charging cable

This is a great charging cable design where you just plug into USB port on one end and it has 4 different charging connectors on the other end. It includes 1) USB-C cable, 2) Lightning cable, 3) micro-USB cable, and 4) Apple Watch magnet charger.

I was excited to get this 4 in 1 charging cable and tried charging 4 devices with different charging port and it was able to charge all 4 devices at the same time without any problem! I may not always have all 4 devices to charge them but I know I will at least have my iPhone and Apple Watch with me wherever I go so this one cable will at least take care of 2 of my most important devices. My earbud case is charged with USB-C cable so I can definitely use this as well and many older rechargeable devices has micro-USB charging port so this is a no brainer 5 out of 5 stars!

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