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3Pack [Apple MFi Certified] Long iPhone Charging Cable 10ft

Reviewed by David • July 2, 2021

super long and durable lightning cables with Apple MFi certification

Our family loves Apple products so all our devices are iPhones and iPads.
All our iPhones and iPads still have lightning ports for charging and I noticed that 2 of the original Apple lightning cables that came with the devices are now falling apart, literally (see pictures).

Although the damaged lightning cables charges our devices without any problem, I wasn't sure how safe it is for my children to touch the exposed wires on the cable and I didn't want to wait until the cable fails so I decided to buy this 3 pack 10ft long lightning cables, which are Apple MFi Certified.

These cables seems more durable compared to the original Apple charging cable and it worked with all our iPhones and iPads without any issue. Apple MFi Certified means that this charging cables will continue to work even after many iOS updates, unlike other cheap non-certified cables.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend these durable and super long lightning cable.

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