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35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter

Reviewed by David • November 16, 2022

great Apple charger for home or for on the road

This is awesome wall charger + 2 USB-C to Lightning charging cable combo for a great price. The wall charger has 2 USB-C ports and can support up to 35W output. I love that it has a foldable plug, making it more compact without risk of damaging the plug or garment when packing. The USB-C ports are on the bottom of the adapter so it does not take up much space out from the wall outlet, which is perfect if you are plugging the wall charger in a tight space, such as behind a desk or couch.

The cables are 6.5ft long and is very sturdy. I had no problem charging my iPad and iPhone 12 Mini as it recognized and charged them immediately. While it supports up to 35W total, the actual watts will vary depending on how much the device can consume as lower/older iPhones and iPads do not support fast charging but the newer models do. I was able to see using over 20W when charging my old iPad Mini and iPhone 12. It surely beats and faster than conventional iPhone charging block. Highly recommend it.

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