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330 lbs Black Super Capacity Grocery Cart on Wheels

Reviewed by David • October 12, 2022

sturdy and heavy duty with large storage capacity with ease folding and maneuver

I got this for my mom who doesn't know how to drive so she relies on me or my siblings to take her to super market for grocer shopping. We can't take her sometimes depending on our availability so she likes to walk there as she can also get some exercise out of it but carrying some heavy grocery shopping bags is another thing. There are few times that she called me on her way back home walking with some grocery shopping in her hands because either they were too heavy or the plastic bags ripped so she couldn't carry them anymore. This grocery shopping cart worked out to be perfect for her since it has large capacity to store everything she can possibly purchase from a super market plus more! It has a small compartment on the back for carrying her purse or additional shopping bags by the handle.

The shopping cart came in one piece inside a large box and I only needed to attach the front wheels, which rotates 360 degrees for easy maneuvering. It has very comfortable handle grip and it folds flat easily and has a hook to keep them closed together as it's just as quick and easy to unfold within seconds. It's very sturdy and heavy duty material. My mom is very happy with it and she can go to the super market by herself now whenever she wants without bothering us. Easily 5 out of 5 stars

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