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3-PCS Christmas Lighted Reindeer Family

Reviewed by David • December 5, 2022

Beautiful for both day and night!

We decided to upgrade our Christmas light decoration this year outside our house and got these 3 reindeers and we love it! It came inside 1 study box and I thought the box was too small to have 3 full size reindeers inside but it turns out that their head and legs were inside their bodies, which makes it easier to store away after Christmas and takes less storage space.

Each leg and head have 2 places to snap in on the body then there's metal ring to tie them with a white zip ties that it provides to secure them. They really look very pretty and elegant even during the day without the lights because of their sparkly white body with green garland and red bow. The frame is really well made and designed. It comes with ground stakes to secure them on the grass so they stay in place and enough white zip ties were included if you need to secure any other body parts (such as ears, tails, etc).

Our kids were so excited to see them when they came back from school and so many of their friends mentioned how pretty they are next day because they saw it from the school bus. It really catches the eyes of the people passing by and enhances the Christmas decoration to the next level. We actually have many deer walking around in our backyards time to time so my wife was joking that they might come to our front yard thinking that these are part of their herd Please note that the sparkly stuff falls off when you are assembling and handling the frames so you probably don't want to assemble them indoor or you will have plenty of things to vacuum so I would suggest that you assemble them outside. We absolutely love these 3 lighted reindeer family and highly recommend it. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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