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257Pcs General Hand Tool Kit

Reviewed by David • February 3, 2022

way too many to list them all...

This is the most comprehensive hand tool set I have ever seen. It comes with all the tools you will ever need around the house for DIY and fixing up stuff plus much more.
It includes, but not limited to, hammer, retractable measurement tape, box cutting utility knife with spare blades, leveler, plier, scissor and even a saw. It also includes 6 wrenches as well as ratchet wrench with too man driver sockets in size to mention.
I also appreciate that it has 1 flat and 1 Philips screwdriver as well as generic one with interchangeable bits. Finally, it also includes a precision screwdriver set for glasses and watches.

As mentioned earlier, this set has it all plus more and it's well organized inside a case with latch closure for storage. I actually took a picture of the inside so I can reference the picture to figure out which tools goes where as I can easily forget the place since there are just too many tools. I ended up buying another set to give to my sister as a house warming gift when she moved into a new condo this month. This is a great starter set for anyone who does not own any tools at home or even if they do, this set is bound to have something that they don't have. Highly recommend it.

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