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22 PCS Ratchet Wrenches Set, SAE 1/4 to 3/4 Inch & 6-18 Mm Metric

Reviewed by David • January 18, 2022

amazing and only wrench set you will ever need!

This is actually my 2nd time buying this wrench set. Originally, I bought it for my friend as a house warming present because he told me he needs a wrench set so I got this for him as a present. When he opened my gift at his house, he loved it and I even loved it to much that I decided to buy it for my own.

I have few wrenches in a plastic case along with other hand tools but it's only SAE sizes and I've been wanting to get Metric sizes as well since different appliances, cars, and furniture uses SAE or Metric bolts and nuts. This set is awesome that it includes both SAE and Metric wrenches in 11 different sizes.

The wrenches themselves are high quality and well polished chrome material with easy to read size engraved on the wrench both sides and in both ends but what I love about this set is the storage pouch that it comes in. It has individual pocket for each wrench with easy to read size label stitched on each pocket in bright yellow. Each wrench is easy to remove from the pocket and to store it back. You simply fold the bag and keep it closed with a buckle strap. The pouch bag has a carrying handle and it's very durable and easy to store and carry, unlike bulky and weak plastic storage cases.

This is simply the best and only wrench set you will ever need at your house. Highly recommend it. 10 out of 5 stars! Love it.

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