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21 Cubic Feet Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Reviewed by David • August 13, 2021

heavy duty and more spacious than I imagined

I have Honda Pilot, which is pretty big SUV and I use this car for family vacation, road trips, and camping all the time. We have 3 children so we have plenty of things to pack when we go on a road trip or camping for more than 3 nights. There were many times our back trunk was packed full and I could not even see the back through rear view mirror because all our stuff was jammed packed. I finally decided to get rooftop cargo bag so we can offload some of the stuff to the rooftop.

I got this rather than hard case because I need to easily store away when not using and I don't have much storage space in my house. This cargo carrier bag can easily be folded and it comes in a nice storage bag.

I wasn't sure of the size of the cargo bag so I decided to get the biggest one possible and this 21 cubic feet seemed to be one of the biggest one available. I didn't realize how big 21 cubic feet was until I actually used it to pack our luggage. We put 3 of our carry on luggage in there and it still had plenty of space in front and on top! Wow...

The material is very heavy duty and thick. It's made out of high density1000D PVC fabric so it's super durable. It comes with extra straps for those without roof rail so you can make it long enough to go under the roof below the car ceiling to connect them.

I also like that it has multiple handles around the bag so you can use it to pull and adjust when it's on top of the car roof. The straps are easy to tightened once buckled and the bag has long zipper around so it's easy to open and access the stuff inside. Finally, there's a flap all around the zipper with velcro so that you can enclose the zipper to prevent from water sipping in as the zipper is the only thing that's not waterproof.

We will definitely make good use of this rooftop cargo bag for years to come and now I can drive more safe since I will be able to see through rear view mirror! Highly recommend it.

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