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200pcs 3 Ply Black Disposable Individually Wrapped Breathable Face Masks

Reviewed by David • May 2, 2021

great value and practical!

I am now fully vaccinated but we are still required to wear a face mask in public settings.
I used to wear KN95 face masks prior to getting vaccinated for the ultimate protection but I'm not as worried anymore after the vaccination and I just want a simple and easy to put on/off face masks that I can carry with me anywhere I go. That's why I got this 200 disposable face masks.

It came in 4 boxes with each box containing 50 face masks. I was impressed that even the 4 boxes were wrapped so that it doesn't get wet from rain during transit but what I love about these masks is that all 200 disposable face masks are all individually wrapped!

This allows me to easily place bunch of these masks in my car's glove compartments, in my wife's purse and even in my pockets. I don't need to worry about the masks getting dirty since they are wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.

These are the adjustable nose clip for the perfect fit around your nose and the elastic ear loop feels comfortable and are quick and easy to wear and to take it off.
Finally, I got the black color rather than the typical blue color since the blue color makes it look like you are in a hospital 😁

Overall, very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend this 3-ply disposable face masks because they are all individually wrapped and comes in high volume that will last very long time.

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