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1INCHOME Bean Bag Chair

Reviewed by David • October 21, 2022

real deal... HUGE bean bag with memory foams + TIP

My son already has a bean bag but he's been complaining that it's not a real bean bag size because his friend's bean bag is 3 to 4 times bigger than his bean bags. I couldn't believe it until I bought this one.
It came in a cube box that was fairly small but very heavy! When I opened the box, the bean bag was tightly air compressed into a cube and even after removing it from the bag, I had to shuffle and move it around to separate the foam inside the bag to loosen them up. Instead of beans, it has memory foams inside and that's why it was able to get down to a cube size with air removed. We let it sit for 2 days and it got huge! Just check out the side by side comparison with my son's old bean bag. It was so big and heavy that I had hard time bringing it up the stairs to his bedroom upstairs. Very comfortable and easy to plop and get up. My son now loves his bean bag. It comes with soft suede cover, which is very nice touch.


Make sure to put the suede cover on while it's still compressed and before expanding to full size since it will be that much more difficult. Also, move the bean bag to its final destination before it's expanded because it is pretty heavy and very big, which is great as a bean bag chair.

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