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120 inch Premium 3 Layers PVC Projector Screen with Stand

Reviewed by David • May 30, 2023

outstanding outdoor high quality projector screen with stand

We had a special event in our backyard last weekend for our son from 6PM to 11PM so we bought a canopy tent, outdoor string lights and this 120" outdoor projector screen for the event.

My son prepared a video montage to show it to his friends so not only I had to get a projector screen but it had to be an outdoor one with stable legs or stands so it doesn't move or fall due to wind.

This 120" projector screen turned out to be much better and impressive than I expected.
First of all, it came in a nice storage bag with handles and everything was neatly stored inside.
Once the main screen frame was taken out of the bag, I just had to unfold them to turn it into big rectangle frames and lay it down on the ground.

I could not believe how thick the screen was and it has bright white PVC film and polyester material on the front, while the back is thick black material so that light does not go through or scatter. The screen has buckles all around the edges and they perfectly align and snap onto the aluminum frame. You do have to pull the screen a a bit for each buckle in order to snap onto the frame but this naturally makes the screen wrinkle free!

Once the screen has been snapped onto the frame all around then you just need to slide in the legs and secure it with screws that has big knob so you can tighten it with your hand.
The leg stands have opening in the front and back of the frame so you can put the ground stake through them for added stability.

Projected video and image were crisp and easy to see without reflection or faded. I'm glad I bought this projector screen for our outdoor viewing event. The break down was just as easy and everything fit easily back in the storage bag.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this projector screen with stands for any outdoor viewing events. You won't regret it with this choice.

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