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100 inch Wrinkle-Free PVC Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen with Stand

Reviewed by David • May 16, 2022

easy to setup and crease free projector screen with minimal space

I have few outdoor projector screens as well as indoor projector screens that are supported by 2 stands on each end. My only problem with those are 1) they take much too long to set them up, 2) screen have creases as they are stored folded and have to be stretched to hang on the stands. and 3) the stands on both ends take up too much space when used indoor since each stand needs to have enough space to be stable.

This type of projector with tripod stand solves all these problems. They are super easy to set up, has no crease since they are rolled up instead of folded, and takes minimal space as it only needs enough space for 1 tripod legs in the center. Only downside is that it's very long so you will need a long free space to store away when not using but this is not a problem for me as I keep them under my long couch.

This projector screen was very impressive from the time I opened the box. It was carefully packaged with padded foams protecting the unit from the bumps and drops and it even came with a storage bag. The projection screen can be removed from the stand if needed so you can hang it on the wall if you want. You can also adjust the height of the screen as needed. The tripod legs are very stable and projected images and videos were very clear and easy to see from any angle. Highly recommend it.

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