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Zivnia 21V 4.0Ah Cordless Leaf Blower 350 CFM 150 MPH

Reviewed by David • April 20, 2021

much more powerful and better than 20V Black+Decker sweeper!

I have 20V Black+Decker cordless sweeper and I'm very confused because this ZIVNIA leaf blower is 21V, which is only 1V higher than the Black+Decker's but this ZIVNIA leaf blower is so much more powerful!

My Black+Decker's battery is 2.0Ah vs this ZIVNIA is 4.0Ah but that's just the battery capacity so I understand that this blower's battery has more capacity, which means it will last longer but it's so much more and better than Black+Decker's sweeper.


[+] The air nozzles can be extended or use it with shorter length, if needed. Black+Decker's cannot be changed or adjusted. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] The air nozzles can be easily detached and stored away with much less space. Black+Decker's cannot be removed and the length stays the same. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] It has 6 different speeds to choose from. Black+Decker only has on and off switch with 1 speed. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] It has trigger that turns off the blower when the trigger is released. It also has a lock feature to keep the trigger set to on. Black+Decker has just on and off switch. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] It comes with 4.0Ah capacity battery. Black+Decker comes with 2.0Ah battery and sometimes you have to buy the battery separately. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] This has bigger battery yet it weights about the same as Black+Decker without the battery. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] It's much more powerful for quicker and easy clean up of leaves compared to Black+Decker. ZIVNIA wins!
[+] It was low battery indicator light! Black+Decker does not have any battery indicator. ZIVNIA wins!

As you can see, this ZIVNIA leaf blower is so much better than my 20V Black+Decker sweeper in so many ways. Only thing that Black+Decker is better is the price, which is just slightly cheaper but I would actually pay the difference to get all the benefits mentioned above.

I really like the adjustable length of the air nozzle length and the fact that I can easily and quickly take them apart to store away when not in use. The battery seems to last much longer than Black+Decker (but it might be because it has higher Ah capacity).

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I was able to move and clean wet and heavy leaves from over the winter. Highly recommend this leaf blowers!

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