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Zigma Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Reviewed by David • July 14, 2023

robot vacuum with high suction and double sided brush for better cleaning

I love this robot vacuum because it's one of rate robot vacuum and mop combo that has double side brush. Most of them have just one side brush and main brush under the unit but because this one has side brush on both sides, it has higher chance of sweeping and collecting dusts into the dust bin. We were at first skeptical about robot vacuum as my wife loves to use Swiffer to clean our hard wood floors but we could not believe how much this robot vacuum can pick up and clean our house even after we manually Swiffer our floors! We became true believers after seeing the dust bin when the job was completed.

We love robot vacuum since it can go under the sofa and tables, and even between chair legs! While it comes with dust bin as well as water tank for mopping, we only used the dust bin so far for just normal vacuuming. We like that it offers 4 clean modes, which is something I have not seen in other robot vacuum. We first used the Auto cleaning mode so that it will get familiar with our floor plan to draw out the map then we use the Zig-zag cleaning for thorough vacuuming. When we have more dirty and messy area then we would use Spot cleaning mode, which is great as it won't waste too much time going from one end to the other like the Auto and Zig-zag cleaning modes.

While the robot vacuum can be controlled using the app on the smart phone, I also appreciate the remote control so that my family members can use it to activate the cleaning job when I'm not home. The robot will automatically go back to the charging station when the job is done or when the battery is running low. You can always pause or even have it go back to the charging station if you need to stop the cleaning for whatever the reason. The battery seems to be big enough to clean our entire first floor and more. The 4000pa suction power can pick up anything from dust to hairs. My wife and I love to check and empty the dust bin after the cleaning job is done because we are always pleasantly surprised and shocked at how much it picked up and a job well done. Cleaning the floor can't get any easier than this!

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