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Xihababe Portable Power Station, 155Wh Outdoor Generator

Reviewed by David • October 7, 2021

compact, lightweight yet powerful and versatile

I already own many portable power station ranging from 300W to 500W.
The more the wattage, they are bigger, heavier, more expensive, not to mention they also have higher risk of battery problem.

I wanted a small and inexpensive portable power station that I can bring when I got fishing or even outdoor picnic. I don't want to carry my big and heavy 500W power station since I'm not going away over nights. This was perfect for every day short outdoor activity, such as day trip fishing or picnic.

It's very lightweight and the handle is comfortable hold and carry. It has LCD screen with digital battery level and it was 100% fully charged when I received it. It has 2 regular USB port, 1 QC fast charging USB port, and 1 USB-C port with max 18W output. It also has 1 DC port with adapter for cigarette lighter socket, which is really neat. Finally, there's 1 electric outlet socket on the side that can handle up to 100watt output.

This will be great portable power station for charging smartphones, portable accessories or devices for camping and fishing, such as electric grill or portable refrigerator. It also has a built-in flashlight on the side, which will come in handy at night and it has SOS and strobe light mode incase of emergency.

All in all, a great portable power station that you can carry around without being too much burden on weight and size. The price is also great for its capacity and feature. I highly recommend this!

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