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Xgimi Mogo Pro Mini Portable Projector

Reviewed by David • January 11, 2021

WOW... AMAZING projector for its size 🥰

I currently have Towond 6500LUX projector and while it's pretty good projector for its price, I just couldn't resist getting this Xgimi Mogo Pro projector when I saw it at my friend's house so I decided to treat myself and my family and got this for Christmas!
I was immediately attracted to this projector when I saw it in action for 2 simple reasons: 1) built-in Harman/Kardon speaker and 2)it virtually has no fan sound!
While it's not fair to compare this projector to my previous Towond projector since it would be like comparing a Lexus to a Toyota but one thing that really bothered me with Towond projector was the sound of the fan spinning. Even with the volume turned up high, I was able to hear the loud fan spinning sound when there was no dialog or music in the movie and this got annoying very quickly. This Xigmi Mogo Pro projector has virtually no fan sound even when I'm sitting right next to it! On top of that, the Harman/Kardon speaker is just the icing on the cake... It's such as amazing projector packed into small, portable size.


[+] Truly a mini, portable projector unlike other "mini" projectors that they claim.
[+] Harman/Kardon speaker baby! Enough said.
[+] Amazing video quality.
[+] Virtually no fan sound while using!
[+] Love the built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to play up to 2 hours unplugged. Granted, I will probably never watch a movie unplugged but this is a nice feature in case you need to move or adjust the projector without getting interrupted.
[+] Built-in Android TV with virtually unlimited apps you can download and install.
[+] Awesome autofocus and keystone correction that just works by itself whenever you set up or move the projector.
[+] It can play video files from USB thumb drive and I was able to watch MP4 format video.
[+] Came with 3 different power plug to support different regions of the world! I have never seen this with any other products before.
[+] Very slick and easy to use remote control.
[+] Did I mention that it has amazing sound quality without any fan noise? 😁


[-] I just wish that the remote control had play and pause button that will work when playing a video file from USB thumb drive. I had to use the pause/play button on the top of the projector. Maybe they can update the firmware to add this feature to the remote?


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this amazing mini projector that is very portable but packs a punch! I felt in love with this projector when I first saw it but even more when I bought it and watched my first full length movie. I can now truly enjoy a family movie time with my kids on the big screen rather than on our 42" TV 😂

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