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X1 1000W 48V 13A Motor Electric Scooter

Reviewed by David • November 21, 2022

turn on the BEAST mode!

This electric scooter is one sick beast and should not be treated as a toy by any kids. This is my first 1000W motor electric scooter and at first, I was disappointed because it didn't go as fast as its advertised but then I found an instruction in the user manual on how to change and unlock the settings so I was able to figure out that this scooter was set to only 45% of full speed when it came and I was able to change it to 100%, which I will share how to do down below but let's get into why this is such as beast electric scooter I fell in love with.


[+] 1000W brushless motor that can top at 28MPH!
[+] 48V 13Ah lithium battery that regenerate energy when breaking, which can last up to 32 miles on full charge.
[+] Disc breaks for both front and rear tires using mechanical break handles on both left and right handles
[+] Bright LED screen that displays the speed, battery, speed mode, trip, etc, which is very clear to see in both day and night
[+] Wide platform and tall handle bar to accommodate any adults (height of the handle bar can be easily adjusted)
[+] Quick fold to carry up the stairs and even the handles can be folded when transporting inside a car
[+] Wide, all terrain 10" air tires with both front and rear shock absorbers provide smooth ride even on a bumpy road
[+] Bright headlight and taillight as well as loud electric horn for safety.
[+] Color changing LED lights on the sides for added safety for high visibility and turn signal feature
[+] Comes with 2 keys, which is required to turn on the electric mode. This is much needed to make sure kids don't accidentally ride this without knowing how fast it can go!
[+] Amazing packaging in the box and just needed to attach the handle with the provided tool


[-] While the taillight becomes brighter when I apply the break, it would have been much better if the taillight blinks when the break is applied, which is much more noticeable and safer for the cars behind you.
[-] It would have been amazing if it came with app for smartphone but this is not a deal breaker as this is a beast in itself and has a key to lock the motor.


If you press and hold the power and mode buttons together, it enters the setting mode that you can change. This is where you can change the speed reading from KMH to MPH as well the max speed limit. Navigate to the P-08 setting then press and hold the mode button until the value starts blinking. My speed limit was set to 45, which means 45% of the max speed. Once this number starts blinking, press the mode button until it reaches 100 then wait few seconds and it will save the setting and now you have unlocked the beast!


This is truly a beast that can handle any terrain or environment, whether in metro city or in suburbs. It's very fast, in fact scary fast, but don't forget that it has 3 speed mode so if you set the speed mode to 1, it will not go faster than 10MPH. Speed mode 2 seems to max out at 20MPH and mode 3 can go as fast as 30MPH! I only wish that the taillight would blink when the break is applied for added safety and I hope they can make this revision for future models. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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