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WDYQJE 2K Resolution Android Tablet 11inch, 14GB RAM 256GB ROM

Reviewed by David • February 6, 2024

high performing Android tablet with the latest OS!

I have few android tablets but I don't use them anymore as they are just way too slow. It turns out that cheap android tablets have either 2GB of RAM or max 4GB of RAM, which is the reason why they don't perform too well. This WDYQJE android tablet has whopping 14GB of RAM (6GB RAM + 8GB expanded) so it's very speedy and performs very fast. I was also pleasantly surprised that it has 256GB of space, which is more than enough for ton of apps to be installed as well as storing pictures and videos.

The tablet was delivered inside a nice retail packaging box that was shrink wrapped for extra protection against water, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a wall charging block as well as wired earphone. It also comes with a pin for opening the SIM card slot because this tablet can accept SIM card to turn it into a phone and use the internet anywhere, if wanted.

I'm impressed how thin and light the tablet is, considering its 11" screen with 2K HD resolution but what I'm most impressed with is the battery life on this tablet. I can literally use it to browse website, watch/stream videos, and check emails all day and still have high battery life remaining. With 5MP front-facing camera and 13MP rear camera, it can take some nice high quality pictures and video with it, as well as selfies.

It supports 2.4G as well as fast 5G WiFi connection, in addition to Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and with the newest Android v13 operating system, it has many new enhancements and shortcuts that makes it easier and quicker to use many helpful and productive features. It's a perfect tablet for work, school, playing games and especially watching and streaming movies!!

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