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VTOMAN ToolCore V150 Car Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Reviewed by David • May 11, 2022

amazing 2-in-1 tool for every car's need

We have 4 cars in our house and I have purchased few battery jump starters as well as tire inflators because we have battery and tire problems time to time among the 4 cars. I started with tire inflators that is powered by cigarette lighter socket but then I upgraded them to rechargeable battery powered tire inflators so I don't have to start my car and also run the cable from the lighter socket to the tire. Well, this one tool basically takes care of both needs with one single rechargeable battery. I can now just keep this in my car and it will help me start my dead battery as well as inflate any tire with low air pressure.

I got to use this on one of my cars that had low tire pressure and I was so impressed how quickly it inflated my tire and it automatically stopped when it reached the set PSI. It definitely pumps air at much faster rate than my other tire inflators. Their modularized design is brilliant so that the battery can be used for different attachments to serve different purpose. The battery can not only jump start the car but it can support up to 2500A peak current and start the car up to 80 times in a full charge! That's very impressive.

The battery can be used as a standalone portable charger to charger your phone or devices when needed. I really love this tool and highly recommend this all my friends and family without any reservation but there are 2 things that they can improve or add to make this a perfect tool.

1) While it's nice that it came with a storage pouch bag that can store everything in one place, I wish they had provided a hard case instead for better protection of the battery and other unit. I'm going to looking for a semi-hard storage case separately to keep them inside.

2) It would be amazing if they also provided a USB LED light that can be connected to the battery to use it as a flashlight or an emergency blue-red blinking light, which would be handy when you have a car problem on the road and to warn other cars for safety.

These 2 are just my suggestions to make this amazing product even better but they are not deal breaker at all. I'm thoroughly impressed with this product just the fact that I can place my old tire inflator and battery jump starter with just this one unit, which works extremely well. I would still rate 10 out of 5 stars for this awesome tool that every car should have in the trunk or glove compartment.

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