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VidaTeco 18-Sheet 60 Mins Running Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Reviewed by David • October 11, 2022

impressive work horse micro-cut paper shredder

My wife and I still haven't changed to paper-less for all credit card and bank statements so we still get all those monthly statements by mail. We have very large file cabinets and we keep most documents for up to 2 years before discarding them. We always shred all sensitive and financial documents such as credit card and bank statements, as well as any utility bills or letters. We already have a micro-cut paper shredder but we decided to give away our old shredder to my brother and upgrade it to this VidaTeco shredder for the following reasons:

1) This can shred up to 18 sheets at at time, compared to 12 sheets for my old shredder

2) This shredder is significantly quieter than my old shredder, which is a big deal when shredding at night time

3) This shredder has very large bin capacity of almost 8 gallons, which means less emptying out the bin.

4) It can continue to work for an hour non-stop without over heating!

5) Love the pull out bin without having to lift or open the top. It can also shred CD/DVD and credit cards.

This is truly a work horse paper shredder that shreds the papers into micro-cut size. I'm not sure what P4 or P5 level means but looks like the higher the "P" level, the smaller the micro-cut is. I would recommend that you always get a micro-cut shredder and not cross-cut but if you can afford, then get the highest "P" level shredder for ultimate security and privacy. You can't go wrong with this VidaTeco paper shredder. Highly recommend it.

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