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VEPOWER Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger for Apple Watch

Reviewed by David • December 22, 2018
Please note that this post was updated on December 27, 2018.

This product review is for Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger for Apple Watch by VEPOWER, specifically for 3 ft long version.

I bought Apple Watch Series 4 this year and also bought a watch stand for my bedroom side table so I can charge my watch while I'm sleeping and it can be used as a night stand.

However, I needed an extra charger for my travel so that I don't have to keep taking the charger in and out from the watch stand but I didn't feel like spending $30 for a charger so I decided to give this a shot.

What can I say? It works and charges my Apple Watch Series 4 without any issue.

** UPDATES 12/26/2018 **

I'm changing the rating because of the following 2 reasons:
1) The charging speed is too slow. My Apple Watch battery life went from 6% to 12% after charging for an hour and a half, which isn't as bad as the next problem
2) After 30 minutes or so, it stops charging my watch until I lift my watch from the magnetic charger and put it back again. This has become annoying very quickly since I cannot rely on this charger to charge my watch overnight.

Luckily, I can still return this item... I guess you get what you pay for..

David's Conclusion


  • It charges my Apple Watch Series 4 not really...
  • It's cheaper than Apple brand charger


  • I'm little concern that there are so many negative reviews on Amazon about this product with so many people indicating that this overheats the Apple Watch...
  • It stops charging after 30 minutes....

My Wishlist

  • Make it work

Alternative Products

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I will have to monitor closely to make sure this thing does not overheat my Apple Watch...
  • I didn't see any problem with overheating my Apple Watch but the charger stops charging after 30 minutes or so... I'm returning this for a full refund.

Overall Rating 15

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