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👍 David's Choice

Urikar Pro 1 Heated Massage Gun

Reviewed by David • February 21, 2021

find out why this is different and better than other massage guns... 👍

I have purchased few massage guns in the past for myself as well as for my parents.
I usually stick to TaoTronics brand when purchasing massage gun or other electronics but this Urikar Pro 1 is really impressive massage gun and I can definitely say it's more high end compared to other TaoTronics massage guns.

I was very impressed to find features that I haven't seen in other massage guns and they are really game changer.

✔️ Professional high grade storage case - it's really well constructed, well padded and it has a perfectly fitted spot for the massage gun as well as all its accessories. It even has separate compartment for AC adapter.
✔️ 8 different massage head adapters - while this may not sound impressive, there are 2 different distinctions from other massage guns, which you will find below.
✔️ Heated massage head feature - this massage gun has heating option and one of the massage head can be heated, which is something I haven't seen in other massage gun. Very cool.
✔️ Triangular massage head - This is my favorite massage head of all time and I haven't seen this one in other massage guns before. It really helps and feels amazing with 3 different soft balls tapping on your muscles
✔️ Touch activated handle - Again, this is something I haven't seen in other massage guns but it's really neat that you can use this without turning on and off in between massage and resting. Simply put it down and it will be turned off and pick it up again to resume the massage. Very simple and handy feature indeed!
✔️ 3 different modes - another feature that I didn't see in others. You can do manual intensity mode, auto toggle intensity mode, or auto crescendo mode where intensity increases slowly. Very cool.
✔️ Dial switch - I love the dial switch for changing the intensity. This is so much easier and simpler to use than buttons or touch screen. Well done!
✔️ Rotating handle bar - The handle bar is not straight like other massage guns because this angled handle bar is easier to reach different part of your body but on top of that, you can rotate 180 degrees for even greater flexibility in reach! Again, I have not seen this in other massage guns yet.
✔️ Whisper Tech - Whatever they did with this tech, it is so much more quite than other massage guns.
✔️ Battery life - High capacity rechargeable battery that makes you forget about charging
✔️ 6 different intensity and high torque brushless motor is awesome

I don't recall how many times I have mentioned that I have not seen this in other massage guns but as you can see it's very clear that this Urikar Pro 1 is very different from other massage guns and it clearly stands out in good ways.

I would give 10 stars if I can. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for handheld massage gun because this is clearly better than other massage guns in the market for so many reasons.

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