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TYLZA 15inch Beverage Refrigerator

Reviewed by David • May 7, 2021

practical, functional beverage refrigerator that is aesthetically pleasing to look at!

We are a family of 5 and have 2 teenager boys and a girl. My wife likes to cook and give our children healthy meals so our refrigerator is pretty much full most of the times. In recent years, it got much worse as my kids started to drink carbonated juice and soda.

In order to maximize our valuable refrigerator space, we decided to store all our drinks inside the kitchen cabinet and just keep 2 or 3 soda inside the refrigerator. Our house rule is that whoever drinks the cold soda out from the refrigerator is also responsible for putting new one back from the cabinet. This rule did not last very long because my kids would forget to put new soda in the refrigerator after taking one out, and sometimes all 5 of us wanted to drink carbonated soda and we would not have enough cold soda in the refrigerator for all of us.

My wife finally decided to get a small refrigerator just for the drinks but we really didn't have any space for it in our kitchen but we managed to find a spot in our dining room in between wall and a sliding door to the deck. The space is about 16" wide and 24" deep so we were ecstatic when we found this 15" beverage refrigerator! We could not believe how perfectly it fit in our corner space, as if this was made for our house! 😆

This refrigerator is actually made to fit under the counter or kitchen island, and they also have 24" refrigerators for beverages, as well as for wines and beverages. My wife was drooling when she saw their 24" refrigerators but we just didn't have any space for it but we were happy to find the 15" model that fit our need perfectly!


The box was very heavy and while it had some dents and rips on the cardboard box outside, the refrigerator was in perfect condition due to impeccable packaging and protection with foams inside. The only thing that I had to do was install the handle bar on the door, which literally took less than 5 minutes.
The long stainless steel handle bar and the matching stainless steel door frame makes it look clean and elegant, while the full glass door looks gorgeous, allowing you to see through inside.
It also has adjustable feet on the bottom so I used my bubble level and adjusted the feet to perfectly level with my dining room floor.


✔️ Full glass door with stainless steel frame and door handle looks beautiful. It will look great under the counter, island or as freestanding.
✔️ 15 inch width makes it possible to fit practically anywhere while 23 inch depth allows enough space to store up to 130 cans of beverages!
✔️ Turning on the LED light makes it look ultra cool and it turns off automatically after few minutes.
✔️ It has digital LCD display for the temperature, which you can set in Celsius or Fahrenheit, after disengaging the temperature lock.
✔️ Heavy duty metal shelves that can be adjusted or removed to accommodate different beverage sizes. The shelves also slide out a bit so it's easier to access the drinks on the back of the shelf.
✔️ The top of the refrigerator stays cool and does not get warm so you can place other things on top if you are using it as a freestanding unit.
✔️ Auto defrost, temperature memory function in the event of power outage, and door lock are nice feature.


[+] It would have been awesome if the LED light came on automatically whenever the door was opened or the LED light touch button should have a lit background so it's easier to locate the button in the dark.
[+] I wish the LED lights were also available on the bottom of the refrigerator as the light does not seem to reach the bottom shelf.


This is amazing, high quality beverage refrigerator that freed up much needed space from our main kitchen refrigerator. It's not only functional but also elegant and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
Many of my friends and guests have commented about this refrigerator whenever I told them to help themselves with any drinks from the refrigerator. This beverage refrigerator will be much more appreciated by our family during the hot summer as it can hold plenty of drinks and water bottles chilled and ready to be served for any number of family members!

My wife already told me that she wants to get 24" one when we move house and finally get a kitchen island she always wanted, because she's so impressed and happy with this refrigerator.
10 out of 5 stars! I highly recommend this awesome 15" beverage refrigerator if you need some additional refrigerator space like we did or consider getting the 24" model if you have the space for it.
You won't regret it. This is my wife's favorite purchase from Amazon so far!

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