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Trio Max Portable Monitor for Laptop, Mobile Pixels 14.1inch Full HD IPS Display

Reviewed by David • June 8, 2023

plug-N-play with my MacBook Pro and perfect for my programming needs

I was looking for a portable monitor for my work MacBook Pro so I can bring it with me when I work out of from local Starbucks or coffee shop. Specifically, I was looking for a portable monitor that I can use it long, vertical, portrait mode because I'm a web programmer and have a need to write long html and web programming language side by side with my laptop. This Trio Max was perfect for my need.

While this can be attached to the back of my MacBook Pro screen using magnets that it comes with, I didn't need to do that since I actually need the vertical screen. If you attach to the back of the laptop screen, you can slide it out and tilt the monitor angles, not to mention it will float parallel to your laptop screen. The monitor case is held by a magnet attached to metal ring that you stick to the back of your laptop screen so you can easily remove the monitor when not using or storing away since it's simply held by magnetic strength.

I love how simple it was to use. It was plug and play with just 1 USB-C cable to my MacBook Pro's USB-C port and it just automatically recognized and displayed the second screen. It really can't get any simpler.

I like the design where the monitor can be pulled back and used as the vertical screen for my programming need. The case that holds the monitor can be used as the base stand to hold up the monitor in portrait mode. It's very sturdy and stays in the angle that I adjust to.

I also found out that this monitor comes with a kickstand that is attached to the case by magnets. So I can actually use this monitor even in landscape mode without having to attach to the back of the laptop screen. So this portable monitor can be used in both horizontal screen or vertical screen using the kickstand or base that it comes with. Very cool design and 14.1" size is perfect for the 2nd screen as well as for portability.

No complaints so far and I'm really enjoying this portable monitor whenever I go to local coffee shop to work from there (away from my kids and to have unlimited coffee). Highly recommend it!

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