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TRIFO Robot Vacuum with 4000Pa Suction

Reviewed by David • March 21, 2022

oh wow... we are in LOVE with this advanced vacuum robot!!!

This is our very first robot vacuum and I will be honest that my wife and I were very skeptical about it. We don't have any vacuum cleaner in our house but we have few Swiffer. We love Swiffer because we don't have any carpet in the house so we don't really need vacuum cleaner as Swiffer can pick most things up from the hardwood floor and tiles. Swiffer can be easily maneuvered and also go under the sofa and in tight spaces. The best part is how light it is compared to a vacuum cleaner and you simply throw out the pad and replace it with a new one. We've been using Swiffer for over 10 years and we use it almost every day to pick up hairs, dirt, and stuff off our floor. For our anniversary, we decided to get and try robot vacuum to pamper ourselves so we don't have to use Swiffer every day. If it doesn't work as advertised then we were going to return it but this Lucy model by TRIFO blew our mind off and exceeded our expectation in every possible way!


I couldn't believe that the content was tripled boxed. Yes, it came in Amazon box that had another cardboard box inside, which had the professional retail packaging box inside. Wow... All the content were well organized and boxed carefully and very professionally. The robot vacuum looked simple yet elegant with black body and gold trim. The charging base has a nice cord management under so you can hide any lengthy cord inside. Once you plug it in and place the robot on the charging base, it will start talking to you and guide you in very clear and easy to follow English.


You have to download the free app and register with an email or phone to create free account. As mentioned before, it will walk you through it by speaking to you to finish setting it up. Make sure to remove the protective thin foam from the robot (it says remove me) before use and I would also make sure the battery is fully charged before the very first use. The app shows you the current battery level. Once it's fully charged, the robot needs to understand what your floor plan looks like. Simply press the "Clean" button on the app and the robot will start navigating your rooms while vacuuming and it will create the floor map. Very cool and impressive indeed.


The app is very advanced and you can control the suction strength, schedule the cleaning day/time, view the cleaning history including the total area cleaned and duration, floor plan map management with specified cleaning zone and no-go zone, manual control of the robot like a toy robot with a remote control, live HD video stream with audio, motion detection, and so much more!
What's really cool is that it can detect the electric outlets in the room as well as any garments or obstacles, as well as bumps and elevated areas where it can't go then marks them on the map! It's also smart enough to detect the stairs going down and it won't fall off the stairs to commit suicide. It has night vision camera so it can also vacuum in the dark if needed.


What good is all these bells and whistles if it doesn't do what it was intended to do, which is to vacuum and clean the floors! Well, I'm happy to share that it does impressive job with cleaning and thoroughly. We love that it can go under the sofas and also remembers where it had been and had not been so it will make sure it covers the entire floor. It comes with washable filter and the dust pan can be removed from the robot to empty it. I was impressed with everything that it was able to pick up from our living room, kitchen and dining room. We now have one less thing to worry about it our busy lives.


The future is here and you now don't have to do the vacuum on your own. No more spending time on vacuuming as well as holding and dragging vacuum cleaner. So many things are changing to adopt smart home and this robot vacuum cleaner is no exception. Very impressed with it and I highly recommend it.


I really love this robot vacuum after using it for months. It cleans extremely well and I'm so impressed by it every time I open the dust pan to empty it. I only wish that it had a compartment on the charging station so it can empty by itself like some of other newer robot vacuum cleaners so that I don't have to empty or even touch the robot vacuum for months until the separate compartment is full. This is not a deal breaker since it's so easy to remove and empty the dust pan but it would be nice to not do any work for months. That's my final thought. Still amazing robot vacuum.

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