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TOCMOC TE10 Ionic Hair Dryer Pro

Reviewed by David • October 30, 2020

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.... super impressed!

My daughter in elementary school started to take a shower by herself and she's now drying her hair on her own so I got this because she needed a lightweight hairdryer that she can hold and use. We had many different hairdryers in the past but I have never seen anything like this one and was never so impressed with a hairdryer!
I was thinking about getting her a Dyson hairdryer but I wasn't ready to spend $400 for a hairdryer and I think this might be even better than Dyson's hairdryer that I saw at my friend's house.


[+] Super lightweight and sleek body. You won't get tired of holding this hairdryer no matter how long you use it
[+] Two nozzles that come with it have strong magnetic connection. If you just get it close to the hairdryer, it just clicks to its place! awesome.
[+] Has auto temperature control so that it doesn't get too hot to damage the hair
[+] Not only you can remove the air in-take vent mesh to clean it but it has cool auto clean feature where air will blow out backwards to clean out the vent! amazing...
[+] Looks modern and futuristic! very impressive hairdryer
[+] Price is great for its features, especially when compared to Dyson


[-] I wish the cord was a bit longer because my my wife and daughter like to dry their hairs on the tub so it's easier to collect the loose hair but this is not a deal breaker since most people user hairdryer in front of mirror.


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this amazing hairdryer as your next hairdryer upgrade! You won't regret it.

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