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TLPUHU 4K WiFi Ultra HD 48MP Camcorder

Reviewed by David • September 13, 2020

Perfect for vlogging and youtubers!

My last 2 camcorders were 8mm so I had to connect to my computer and use a video software to convert to digital format to make DVD or to upload to YouTube. So this time, I decided to get this digital camcorder, which records to SD card in MP4 format hence there’s no need to do any video conversion. It literally can be viewed on any devices and can be uploaded to YouTube as it is.


[+] 4K Ultra HD resolution video recording, with option to record at 2.4K, 1080P or 720P with different frame rates.
[+] Records to SD card in MP4 format! Awesome.
[+] Time lapse, pause recording, slow-motion, loop recording features as well as 48 MP photo capture.
[+] Comes with pretty much everything you need (except for SD card) plus more!
[+] External microphone and handheld stabilizer frame is a plus.
[+] Touch screen in addition to menu buttons, plus a remote control.
[+] WiFi feature to remotely control and watch what you are recording, as well as to transfer video and photo to your smartphone.
[+] Camcorder can be used while plugged in, which is great for vlogging.
[+] Price.


[-] It comes with 2 batteries but they can be charged only when they are inside the camcorder. I wish it has external charger.
[-] Each battery seems to last only 30 minutes when the camcorder is actively used non-stop.
[-] The app for smartphone is clunky and when I transferred to video to my smartphone, the video speed was 2x for some reason. The video was fine when I copied the video to my computer directly from SD card though.
[-] The external microphone runs on internal rechargeable battery and must be charged separately.
[-] No optical zoom.
[-] It has adjustable strap but it still felt tight and small in my hand, and it was a bit awkward to press the buttons and zoom controls using one hand.


If you are planning to use this camcorder for vlogging then it's 5 out of 5 stars because all the negative things that I mentioned above does not apply if you use it for recording yourself or things from your studio. It's also great for recording short video clips outdoor but I wouldn't take this to a outdoor day trip as the battery won't last too long and it doesn't have optical zoom.

I do recommend this camcorder to anyone who's interested in vlogging or video conferencing so you can use it while plugged in and take the advantage of digital MP4 format, not to mention all the bells and whistles.

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