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Teslong Telescopic Camera with Light

Reviewed by David • February 3, 2023

awesome telescopic inspection borescope camera for high places

This is yet another great innovation by Teslong for inspection borescope but high places. While most of their probes are metal gooseneck that is flexible yet stiff, it can be challenging to inspect something up high while it's easy to inspect going down. This telescopic borescope is perfect for such scenario because it has those telescopic monopod for camera that can be expanded or retracted. When expended, it's a long metal tube bar that can be held upwards inspect through the camera at the end. The probe that the camera is attached to is a metal gooseneck that can be bent to point to the direction and angle you want to inspect.
Some of the perfect use case for this telescopic camera is to inspect a hole in the ceiling, duct or opening on the side of the house, or a bird's nest on the tree.

It comes with 4.5" screen unit that can take picture or even record video with sound then playback on the device itself. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and even came with a micro-SD card so you are ready to capture whatever you see through the camera on this awesome borescope. The camera has a LED lights with brightness that can be changed from the main unit. It would have been amazing if the borescope camera had articulating feature that can be controlled from the main unit because I do also have their articulating borescope.

I have a duck on the side of my house about 12 feet above the ground that is connected to the air vent from the bathroom and I heard some bird sounds when I was in the bathroom so I wanted to check the duct to make sure they were not making a nest inside the duct so this telescopic borescope came very handy. It would have bene nice if it came with a hard storage case but it has a fitted foam inside the box that fits all the parts perfectly so I'm planning to store this in the original box that it came with. I'm really impressed with their borescopes and looking forward to see what innovations they will come up with next. 5 out of 5 stars!

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