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Teslong Industrial Inspection Triple Lens Endoscope Camera with Light

Reviewed by David • August 15, 2023

amazing quality and feature combined into one

We noticed a water damage in our basement ceiling right below the bathroom upstairs. We were able to figure out that water was slowly dripping down whenever we used the shower above the basement but we couldn't figure out what was the cause of it and I didn't feel like calling the plumber, who may end up cutting up the ceiling or walls, then charge me arms and legs. I actually have old wireless endoscope that uses smartphone to connect and view from app but it stopped working so I decided to invest on a decent standalone endoscope that can be used without a smartphone, WIFI, or Bluetooth. I purchased this triple lends endoscope and I could not be more happy with this amazing professional endoscope.


[+] It has 5" large color IPS LCD screen that is very clear and easy to see. No need to connect to your smartphone.
[+] It has three cameras! One main camera in front and two side cameras, which you can switch with a click of a button!
[+] 5000mAh rechargeable battery with long battery life.
[+] It can take photos and high quality video with this and it comes with 32GB micro-SD memory card so it's ready to go out of the box.
[+] 16.5ft long rigid cable that can fit any tight space and stay exactly where you want, even vertically.
[+] Camera is waterproof and all 3 camera has LCD flashlight that you can turn off or adjust the brightness.
[+] The unit has a flashlight and the handle can be bent, if needed.
[+] Comes with accessories, such as hook and magnets.
[+] Industrial level, rock solid storage case with fitted foam for protection.


[-] Absolutely nothing!


10 out of 5 stars. This is some serious endoscope for professionals or DIY person. I was able to see and determine the cause of the leak behind the drywall using this endoscope and save $$$ from having to call the plumber because I was able to buy the parts and fix it myself once I knew where the leak was coming from. Highly recommend this without any reservation. Amazing tool.

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