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Teslong 50ft Sewer Inspection Camera

Reviewed by David • March 3, 2023

great inspection camera for sewer, drainage, pipe or air duct

This is a great inspection camera for professionals or home owners who has a need to inspect drainage system, sewer, or air duct. Most of the endoscope cameras are about 15 to 20ft long but this inspection camera is 50ft long, practically eliminating the limit on how much it can reach.

I was thoroughly impressed with the professional retail packaging, not to mention the carrying/storage case that securely held the rolled up 50ft long cable with the inspection unit in the middle, inside a fitted foam perfectly cut to fit its shape. Everything about this inspection camera is high quality and professional level. I love the large 5" IPS LCD screen with 720 HD resolution. It came with 32GB microSD memory card and the built-in rechargeable battery was already fully charged, ready to use and record pictures or videos. The built-in battery can be charged using USB-C cable.

The unit felt solid and rugged in my hand. Very easy to hold and use the buttons. There's a button on upper left top, which turns on the LED backlight on the back of the unit in case you are working in a dark area and need extra flashlight around you. The camera at the end of the cable is IP67 waterproof rating and has wide angle. I only wish that it has dual or triple cameras, like some of their other endoscopes, so I can have the option to view 2 other angles but this is not a deal breaker as this is normally used to view pipe, drainage, or sewer that is just few inches around this camera.

The camera at the end has LED lights with brightness levels that can be changed from the unit and it also came with few accessories that can be attached. The metal guide for the camera head is great since it adds some weight to it, which helps pushing down the cable, and it guides the camera to stay few inches away from the edges.

I used this for inspect the air duct in my house and found dusts and mites built up from many years. This is probably the reason why my family coughs and get sick easily whenever we turn on the forced air heat. We called the professional to get our air duct cleaned and vacuumed out. I also used this to check our water drainage located at back of our house because it started not drain heavy water as well. It turns out that there was some sort of metal or nail that went through the PVC pipe that went through the house. I'm also planning to use this to check the gutters that goes under the ground then to the front of the street to make sure there are no build ups inside, which can cause backflow.

This is very handy and useful inspection camera that has super long reach. I only wish that it has some mechanism to easily retract and roll up in coil, similar design found in drain snake, which makes it so much easier to clean up and put it back in for storage but I guess this isn't something that I will be using on a regular basis so the provided storage/carrying case with zipper closure is more than enough and acceptable. Definitely cool inspection camera to those who does many handy work around the house or for those professionals in these related work. Highly recommend it.

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