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Teslong 5 inches IPS Video Endoscope Inspection Camera with Two-Way Articulation Probe

Reviewed by David • August 30, 2022

wow wow oh wow... the best borescope ever!

I have very old house and do many DIY work around the house so I actually have few different borescopes, which comes in handy time to time. I love the fact that I can see what's behind the wall or inside a pipe without having to tear it down or open it up, which evidently becomes much bigger job to patch it up. I've been so impressed with Teslong brand borescope and when I saw this articulating model, I just had to get it and sure enough, it's not only the best borescope in the market but blew out of my mind and saved me few thousand dollars in preventive damage control. Please keep reading to find out how this amazing articulating borescope helped me save tons of money.


It came in a nice retail packaging box and inside the box was heavy duty zippered storage case, which housed this borescope in perfectly fitted shape for maximum protection. The unit looks professional and solid in terms of the material and feel, which I'm not surprised based on my previous experience with Teslong products. 5" IPS LCD screen is very clear and the buttons are right below the screen to change the setting and mode.


What I'm really impressed about this borescope is not only the articulating camera head but how the articulation is controlled. They really nailed it by using the dial joystick control in the middle of the handle so it can be easily controlled using the thumb while holding the handle. Any other design or buttons would have ruined the user experience but they really studied and put the best control possible.
Right next to the dial joystick control is the camera button and light button. It will take pictures while in photo mode or start/stop record video with sound while in video mode. The light button toggles among different preset brightness or turn off the light. Just brilliantly done and placed in perfect spot.

I also appreciate that this is IP67 rating so it can be submerged under the water to inspect something that has water in it and also block out any dust or sand. I was impressed with built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which will last for days of usage, if not weeks, once fully charged.

The beauty of this borescope is that you can see everything clearly using the 5" LCD screen so you don't need any app or phone to use this and you can take pictures and video then playback from the unit to view it from the 5" screen, not to mention 32GB memory card is included. What's cool is that it also has WiFi feature where you can stream what you see on the 5" LCD screen to another smartphone or tablet that has the free app installed so another person can also see what you see, which is really cool.


I really love this borescope and while this is the best one on the market, I do wish for these enhancements, which are not a deal breaker for me but it would just make it even more amazing device.
1) I wish the cable was longer. It's only 5ft long but other non-articulating borescopes are about 15ft long. There maybe technical limitation to make it longer due to the fact that it has articulating head but 10ft would have been better.
2) It would be amazing if the cable can be detached from the unit then attach it to the bottom of the handle (current design) or at the top of the LCD screen. This design makes it easier to work with the rigid cable depending on whether you are using the borescope to look up or down.
3) It would be out of this world if they can make the next model with 360 degree articulation!


We recently did a kitchen renovation and replaced all our kitchen appliances including the range hood. The new range hood we purchased was much shorter in height compared to our old range hood and we can see the opening below the new range hood for the vent that we didn't see before with old range hood. I decided to use this articulating borescope to check what's behind the kitchen wall and noticed that there was heavily rotted wood frame due to a water leak from the roof. We immediately hired contractor to fix the leak but this could have been a huge damage and high cost to fix if we didn't know about this years later. I'm so happy with this borescope in so many ways.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars. I can't say enough good things about this amazing device. It's so much better than those dual or even triple lens borescope because it's easier to just move the camera's direction than try to toggle between different camera lens. It's also much easier to push and move in the cable when you can guide the borescope's head to the right direction. If you are in the market for borescope, look no further and get this and it will be worth the investment. Whole heartily recommend it!

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