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TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor

Reviewed by David • February 13, 2021

probably the best portable tire inflator you can buy! read to find out why...

It's almost winter and it's already getting very cold in the morning here in New York. I hate it whenever I turn on my car engine in the morning, I see a low tire air pressure warning in my car every now and then, especially during cold weather as tire deflates under low temperature.

I used to drive a mile to get to the gas station then spend $1 to use their air compressor machine to put air in my car tires but more than $1 for every trip, it's just a hassle to drive a mile and it's certainly a waste of my time.

I have 3 cars at home and I recently bought 2 portable tire inflators. I purchased this for my wife's luxury car because this one was different from other 2 that I own and after using it few times I can definitely say this is the best one out of my 3 portable tire inflators.


[+] All metal parts in the tire connector! My other 2 tire inflators have plastic part.
[+] Works with a cigarette lighter adapter AND has AC wall plug so you can use it at home to inflate other things
[+] LCD screen with digital setting and it stops automatically when it reaches the specified PSI so you don't have to worry about over inflating your tires
[+] Has cable management on the back of the unit to tidy up thing when not in use
[+] Comes with different adapter tips for balls, bicycles, and inflatables
[+] Has built in LED flashlight incase you need to use this at night or in the dark
[+] Comes with a storage bag, which was a nice surprise. I keep it in my wife's trunk.
[+] Inflates much faster than other 2 tire inflators I own


[-] The tire PSI reader is off by 0.5. I honestly think it's less than 0.5 since a little air comes out whenever you plug and unplug from tire. You can just adjust accordingly to compensate for 0.5 offset.
[-] I wish the LCD screen was a bit easier to read during the day but it's not a deal breaker
[-] It would have been better if the storage bag had separate pouch outside for the cables but there's enough room for the cables inside the bag so this is not a deal breaker either. It just would have been easier to manage and organize.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this portable tire inflator. Very fast and durable material all around, not to mention optional AC wall plug is something that I haven't seen in any other tire inflator.

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