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Techamor Y401 Natural Gas Detector

Reviewed by David • January 1, 2022

get it before it's too late + TIP

We have a stackable washer and dryer in our boiler room, which we recently replaced.
Our dryer is a gas powered dryer rather than electricity and we didn't realize until few days after the new dryer installation that there was a slow leak on the gas connection to the dryer! That's why we deced to get this gas detector so we can plug it in the boiler room.

We also have a boiler for heating and hot water, which also uses the gas so it's good to have this gas detector even if we no longer have a gas leak from the new dryer anymore. When you plug it into AC outlet, it makes 2 short beeps then it goes into warming up state where red and yellow lights blinks. It will then tell you what level of gas it detects by displaying a number on the LED screen. This is a MUST-HAVE device for the boiler room and maybe even for a kitchen near the gas range.

** TIP **

You can test this unit out by plugging into portable power station or on a AC outlet near the gas range then turn on the gas range top without the flame and fan the gas from range top towards this unit and it will sound the alarm immediately. Once you confirm that it can detect the gas and is in working order, you can then plug it in the boiler room and have a peace of mind.

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