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TaoTronics LED Strip Lights Work with Alexa

Reviewed by David • September 22, 2020

turn on the party with Alexa integration! very cool 😎
My daughter has been asking for LED strip light but we been saying no because we thought lights might be distracting to the room and her eyes. My friend told me that it's better to install the strip lights under and behind the furniture so that you don't really see them during the day when it's not in use and when you do use it, you won't see the LED lights directly but rather indirectly. So I got this to install it under her bed frames and behind her desk and she loves it! This also has Alexa integration, which was perfect since she has Echo Dot in her room. She named the light "The Party" so she can say "Alexa, turn on the party!" 😁


[+] 32.8 ft is more than enough to cover the twin bed frame and I had few feet left over for behind her desk
[+] Adhesiveness of 3M sticky tape on the back of the strip light is very good and easy to peel to apply
[+] The strip lights are waterproof so it's covered and protected with thin and clear rubber like material. I feel that the strip lights are more durable because of this.
[+] Alexa integration baby! All strip lights have remote control but not Alexa integration like this one.
[+] Built-in mic to sync the lights to music works very well and is really cool.. watch the video and see for yourself


[-] Alexa can turn on/off, change the color and brightness. I wish it can do more, such as change the mode to music or set the timer. Maybe they can update the app with additional voice commands!


10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommended to anyone looking to get LED strip lights. My older son wants one for his room after seeing this on my daughter's room. I do suggest installing it under and behind the furniture rather than on the wall and ceiling. I think it has cooler light effects, not to mention it's hidden from your room view.

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