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TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp TT-DL095

Reviewed by David • January 6, 2021

modern floor lamp that is bright enough for any bedroom

I purchased this floor lamp for one of Christmas presents for my son to replace his old childish desk lamp.
He likes the modern looks and it's very bright enough to illuminate his entire room. He was happy to free up some of his desk space by replacing his old desk lamp with this floor lamp.


[+] Looks modern and stylish
[+] Very tall yet stable base
[+] Very bright enough to illuminate entire room
[+] Remote control that can change color mode and brightness
[+] Remote control has built-in rechargeable battery and is automatically charged when placed on the lamp with magnetic connection! Very cool design.
[+] It also has small light, which can also change its brightness and color mode
[+] Both light heads can swivel 180 degrees
[+] The lamp body also has control so you can turn it on and off without the remote control


[+] If you plug this floor lamp to an outlet that is connected to a wall switch, you will not be able to turn it on with the wall switch. I wish the lamp can remember the last setting but I guess it would need a battery to remember that setting...


5 out of 5 stars. This is a great floor lamp for any bedroom or living room. LED light is very bright and easier for your eyes while saving some electricity bills. Highly recommend this floor lamp but you have to use the remote control or the control on the lamp body. It will not work with a wall switch since the control is more of digital.

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