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TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Reviewed by David • November 4, 2020

👑 The King of the desk lamps to rule them all...

This is by far the most advanced yet sophisticated desk lamp I've ever seen...
I knew TaoTronics makes high quality products as I own few of their product lines but I was thoroughly impressed with this desk lamp.
This is basically the Tesla version of desk lamps. Minimal design yet simple and intuitive control for the best user experience, yet so advanced with so many built-in features.


[+] Simple yet sophisticated and high-tech looking.
[+] 3 areas where you can bend and rotate to provide the most flexible position for your lighting needs.
[+] Minimal user control: just 1 dial knob and 6 touch buttons.
[+] The dial knob is much easier and faster to make changes than up/down buttons, and it can be used to adjust different settings.
[+] The LED headlight can be tilted up, down, side and even spin/turn for ultimate lighting position.
[+] Not only it has the basic brightness and color temperature adjustments but it can even adjust the illumination angle! (Front and/or Back)
[+] 1 hour timer and night light mode are also cool feature I've not seen on a desk lamp.
[+] Auto brightness adjustment feature that will auto adjust based on how dark or bright the room is (it has light sensor on the top).
[+] USB port on the back to charge or power any devices that can be powered with USB cable.
[+] Sturdy and high quality finish material.
[+] It was packaged exceptionally well inside a fitted foam. I have never seen any packaging like this before. Speechless...
[+] It remembers your current light setting when turning off and restores to that setting the next time you turn it back on. So advanced!


[-] Absolutely nothing! It's so advanced that may be it should be able to brew my coffee? 😂


10 out 5 stars! This desk lamp is so amazing in so many ways. You really can't go wrong with this one if you are looking for a desk lamp.
I initially got this for myself but my daughter felt in love with it at first sight and she took it from me 😭 but I'm happy to see that she's putting it to good use every day for her school work. Highly recommend this desk lamp!

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