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TaoTronics Dual PTC 1500W Portable Electric Heater

Reviewed by David • October 31, 2020

my favorite space heater of all time...

It's really cold in the morning and at night here in New York but it's not cold enough to turn on the heat for the entire house just yet... so I have few space heaters but I decided to get another one for dining room where my wife works remotely. This turned out to be my favorite space heater so far...


[+] It starts blowing hot air very quickly as soon as you turn it on
[+] Digital LCD display and easy to change settings on the heater surface on the top
[+} Comes with a remote control that can control everything on the heater
[+] Has easy to carry handle on top, which makes transporting from one room to another very easy and simple!
[+] It has a place to store the remote control on the back! Simple yet genius design! Love it.
[+] High/Low setting as well as specific temperature control and oscillating setting AND timer!
[+] Safety feature to auto turn off if tips over or lifted for transportation
[+] Price and looks awesome


[-] Nothing


10 out of 5 stars. This is by far the best space heater I purchased so far. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a space heater that has all the bells and whistles, yet works extremely well!

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