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👍 David's Choice

TaoTronics 12" Ring Light with 78'' Tripod Stand

Reviewed by David • December 26, 2020

👑 the KING of the ring lights!

I already have 2 ring lights and I use them to taking pictures and video of the products that I review.
The lights are one of the most important factors for taking amazing photos with details.
I got this ring light because of its versatility and flexibility in heights and angle adjustments, as well as USB port on the back of the ring light that can power my other ring light!


[+] 12" ring light with plenty of light power to handle any situation and photos
[+] Comes with full featured remote control that can control the ring light without directly pointing at it
[+] 3 light modes and adjustable brightness, which can be changed on the ring light or by remote control
[+] 1 smartphone holder in the middle of the ring light and 1 smartphone holder on the tripod body
[+] 1 USB port on the back of the ring light to charge smartphone or to power any other USB device
[+] It can stand from 33" height to 78" tall, literally touching the ceiling. wow...
[+] Very clever tripod leg design for ultimate flexibility and stability. I have never seen this design before in any other tripods!
[+] The angle of the ring light can be easily adjusted and tilted very easily and quickly!
[+] The tripod legs can be folded 180 degrees backwards to make it very compact for storage
[+] Comes with storage bag for the tripod legs


[-] Absolutely nothing!


10 out of 5 stars. This is such an amazing tripod. I can now use multiple ring lights and have one of them powered by this TaoTronic ring light using its USB port. My favorite feature of this tripod is how easy and quickly I can adjust the angle with just one hand and it stays put. With other ring lights, I have to use two hands to adjust the angle then have to tighten something to keep it on that angle. I also can't believe how tall this can be raised and how far the tripod legs can be pulled out, making it very stable. Highly recommend this ring light!

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