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Smart Plug ESICOO 4 pack

Reviewed by David • February 20, 2023

easier smart plug to setup and use with Alexa integration

I had my shares of indoor and outdoor smart plugs in the past but many of them are very difficult to setup.
This particular smart plug was surprising very easy and quick due to the auto discover feature in the app!

I came with 4 mini smart plugs inside a nice retail package box and easy to understand user manual. Once you scan the QR code in the user manual, it will open the app that you can download. You do have to create an account to login but once signed in, adding the smart plug was a breeze due to auto discover feature mentioned before. Just plug it in then press and hold the on/off button until it blinks then the auto discover feature on the app finds the correct plug and you just have to click on Add and that's it!

It's small enough where it does not block the other AC outlet socket and it has on/off button on the side so you can turn it on or off without using the app or unplugging from the unit.

The app is very simple and straight forward with big power button in the middle then there's Schedule and Countdown menu on the bottom so you can use the timer function or schedule it to turn on and off for any given day of the week and hours! This is perfect for Christmas tree lights or even for lamps and night lights.
We actually use this smart plug in every room in the house whenever we go on vacation or away from home for several days. We can schedule to turn on and off the lights in different part of the house to make it look like someone is home! Very good for security.

Adding it to Alexa was also easy step and I love that I can use my Amazon Echo to turn on and off the living room light. Very happy with this 4 pack smart plugs and highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate lamps and lights!

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