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SIMGAL Wired Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Reviewed by David • September 1, 2022

very pretty and satisfying mechanical keyboard and mouse combo

I bought this for my daughter who has a white desk so it matches her room and desk. She previously had a wireless keyboard but she always kept it plugged in because she didn't want to wait until the built-in rechargeable battery is drained so I ended getting this wired keyboard and mouse combo set so it doesn't have to rely on battery, and she absolutely loves this set.

This is a mechanical keyboard, which is usually used for gaming, and it has very unique and satisfying key press compared to normal keyboards, not to mention that it has a colorful backlight option with 20 different light effects to choose from! You can even change the brightness as well as the speed of the light effects, or turn off the backlight all together if you want.

The mechanical keyboard are usually very expensive but I could not believe the price of these combo set, which is a steal! She likes it also because it's very compact yet it still has the number pads and arrow keys. The mouse even has a lights around it that changes in color as well as the logo on the palm. Very pretty and cool mechanical keyboard and mouse combo set at amazing price. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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