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Reviewed by David • October 22, 2020

Beauty and convenience of cordless portability

This is very pretty looking desk lamp that is covered with leatherette, which makes it look elegant and expensive.
Note that this desk lamp works on internal rechargeable battery and there’s a disclaimer on the user manual that the lamp should NOT be charged unless the LED light is weak. I’m guessing it should not be plugged in and charged while being used.


[+] Elegant, pretty, and expensive looking
[+] Nice touch with white leatherette covering all around the lamp
[+] 3 different brightness level
[+] Touch sensitive button to turn on/off and to change brightness
[+] The lamp arm can be adjusted and swivel around for flexible lighting area
[+] The battery seems to last long time before needing to be recharged
[+] Cordless design makes it portable and can be used in any settings
[+] It's very light yet sturdy
[+] You can place and stand your phone or tablet on the lamp base
[+] Can be folded almost flat, making storage and packing easy


[-] I wish this lamp can be used while plugged in to USB without worry about damaging the internal battery


5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this LED desk lamp to anyone looking for a LED desk lamp that is functional yet elegant looking. A great buy.

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