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Posture Digital Bathroom Scale

Reviewed by David • March 27, 2022

simply the best smart scale in every way

This is my 2nd smart scale. I purchased RENPHO smart scale while back and I've been happy with it but we needed another one for the 2nd floor bathroom so our kids can measure their weight and other stuff after the shower. My wife picked this POSTURE smart scale because it looks much better aesthetically compared to RENPHO but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this amazing smart scale.

First of all, it came in professional retail packaging inside and out. I think I will buy another one as a house warming gift for my friend because I love it so much and the packaging is great. It was well protected with fitted foam inside and LCD screen had protective film and it even included 3 AAA batteries and you just have to pull out the tab to activate it. It did also come with USB-C cable, which I'm still confused but maybe they also have rechargeable scale but this particular model runs on 3 AAA batteries.

I love the color and the shape. The size is just perfect and I don't have to worry about making sure my feet are covering all 4 sensors like RENPHO scale because they are closer to each other. The LCD screen is very clear and looks crisp without hurting my eyes. Looks gorgeous and elegant!

Once you download and install the app, it connects automatically as long as you allow Bluetooth on your smartphone. It will measure and record far more than your body weight! It also keeps track of all your data, progress, not to mention you can have multiple profiles and it's smart enough to detect who's who. The weight measurement is very accurate and what I'm most impressed about this smart scale compared to the RENPHO smart scale that I've been using for years is that it reads the weight and all other data at fraction of time that RENPHO smart scale can read! No more standing on top of the scale and waiting for it to analyze and measure all different data. This scale is very fast and accurate. Simply the best smart scale from looks to performance to feature. Love it!

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