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Polono PL420 4x6 Label Printer

Reviewed by David • February 2, 2022

great thermal printer for shipping labels!

I have many thermal label printers already but they are all for small labels such as address and file folders. I wanted a thermal label printer for larger shipping labels so I can print and stick them to big boxes that I usually store away in the attic or basement. I can also use it to print shipping labels whenever I have something to return so that I don't have to cut them up and tape it to the box.

It came with a USB thumb drive that has a installation file for both Windows and Mac. I installed it on my Windows 10 and I noticed that it opens a custom page setup whenever I choose the label printer.
It also came with few sample shipping labels but I also purchased a roll of shipping labels. Once you feed in the label, you can press and hold the button on top and it will automatically self calibrate to determine the size of the label, which is really neat.

I actually had one item to return so I chose the email label option then downloaded and opened the label that was emailed to me using Window Photo Viewer and I was able to print using this label printer! It's so nice to simply peer and stick it to the box rather than taping it around the paper with packaging tape. Oh, and because this is thermal printer, I never have to buy ink! Works very well, prints clearly and fast! Highly recommend it to anyone looking to print high volume shipping labels or for any other large label printing. Love it!

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