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PeriPage Mini Thermal Printer

Reviewed by David • March 12, 2021

cute + portable + practical = love it!

I have a DYMO thermal label printer and I love it. However, it's connected to my desktop so it's not portable and it can only print labels. I knew I wanted this mini thermal printer when I saw it because it can print anything I want and it's portable, while not requiring separate ink cartridge. EVER!

You have to download the app from the AppStore and the app is very cool and intuitive.
You can print any photos from your phone and it also has many templates that you can choose to print the borders or any To-Do or shopping list!

For printing photos, it even has built-in photo editing features such as brightness adjustment, crop, filters, etc.
It prints in black and white, and it's very fast printing without much wait.

The printer is compact and runs on rechargeable battery, making it truly portable on the go!
I love the printer but the software app is just as good. I just wish that it came with few extra roll of papers.
I know I will be buying more papers because it's so much fun and practical to print bunch of things from my smartphone for fun as well as for productivity.

Best part is that you don't need to buy ink cartridge and there's nothing ever to replace other than the paper.
Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this mini printer to anyone or any children who likes to print things from smartphone or iPad.

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