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Pasapair 10000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner/Air Cooler with Dehumidifier & Fan Mode

Reviewed by David • August 6, 2021

life saver for this summer in NY

My sister recently moved to an apartment where it does not have a central air conditioning.
The unit did not have any window unit AC either and because she didn't want to bother hiring someone to install the window unit AC, she wanted to get by this summer without AC... but then the heat wave came and she quickly changed her mind.

I bought this for her living room because it has 10,000 BTU, enough power to cover up to 400 sq ft.
This portable air conditioner is really cool because it's 3-in-1: AC, Fan, and Dehumidifier!


[+] Whisper quit yet 10,000 BTU to cover up 400 sq ft room
[+] Can be used as AC, Fan, or Dehumidifier, which is really cool and something that can't be done with a window unit AC.
[+] Comes with all the parts to exhaust to window plus a remote control
[+] Touch buttons on top of the unit for easy access without remote control
[+] When using it as AC, you don't need to drain for water because it's designed to evaporate the water through the air vent (you only need to drain if using it as dehumidifier)
[+] 2 fan speed mode, timer, and sleep mode, as well as child lock feature
[+] Easy to clean filter on the back
[+] Slim profile and looks slick and modern
[+] Outputs cold air almost immediately after turning it on
[+] The exhaust vent can be installed on up/down window as well as slide window.
[+] The air flow angle can be adjusted manually
[+] Price


[+] It would have been awesome if it has oscillation feature or auto up/down air vent to better circulate the air but this is not a deal breaker


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. It was super easy to attach the exhaust vent to the window and it was soon rock and roll with cold air in the room. I like that it's very quiet and it soon becomes just a white noise.
Highly recommend this great air conditioner!

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